Paul Stevens-Fulbrook

Hi, I am a 44 (currently) year old high school science teacher in a school in the South of England. I am married with 5 children (3 of my own and 2 step children).

I have been teaching for 7 years and of all my careers to date, this is by far the most rewarding. It is also the most difficult; both in terms of how much extra work is required and how mentally taxing it can be. In short, it’s bloody hard work! However, I wouldn’t change it for all the world.

Despite all the admin tasks and stress I get to work with amazing students from many different backgrounds who light up my day as much as I try to light up theirs. School can be difficult for many, I certainly didn’t enjoy my time at school except for a couple of subjects where I was inspired and encouraged by a couple of brilliant teachers, teachers who used their personality to bring the best out of me; a method I use to this day.

My persona in class and around the school is my slightly “out there” normal self dialled up to 11. I teach at 100 mph, regularly I can be found leaping from desks, making up stupid songs about science concepts that will stay in my students head for the rest of their lives or doing my world famous bee impression to show how they pollinate plants.