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Jasmine Lane

The journey of a poor, black girl from the hood reflecting, pondering, and learning what it means to be an effective English teacher

I’m a 25 year old student teacher from north Minneapolis with a background in education spanning about 5 years. I’ve worked in literacy-based after school programs with the YMCA, taught 8th grade writing with Breakthrough Twin Cities for middle schoolers, volunteered in public high schools, and worked as a paraprofessional in a charter school the past two years. I will have my M.Ed and a 5-12 teaching license in English Language Arts at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year.

Minnesota has one of the worst achievement gaps in the nation, and it is widening. This gap is not due to a deficit in our Black and brown students, but a deficit in how and what they are being taught. To this point, I am an active educator that works to close gaps”.