”I am Professor Emeritus of Education at Stanford University. I was a high school social studies teacher (14 years), district superintendent (7 years) and university professor (20 years). I have published op-ed pieces, scholarly articles and books on classroom teaching, history of school reform, how policy gets translated into practice, and teacher and student use of technologies in K-12 and college.

My most recent research projects have been a look at how I taught history 60 years ago in two high schools and how history is taught today in those same high schools–Teaching History Then and Now.  In 2013, Inside the Black Box of Classroom Practice appeared. Jane David and I finished a second edition of Cutting through the Hype 2010.

In March 2018, my next study of Silicon Valley exemplary teachers who integrate technology into their daily lessons–The Path of a Butterfly or a Bullet: Integrating Technology in Classrooms--was published”.