Tierny 3“I was rather a late entrant to the World of tweeting and blogging but have found it hugely engaging, at times almost too engaging.  I took it up when I joined the Specialist Schools & Academies Trust Redesigning Schools & Vision 2040 Group in March 2013. There I met @headguruteacher (Tom Sherrington), @HuntingEnglish (Alex Quigley), @KevBartle (surprisingly Kev Bartle) and @RobCarter2012 (Rob Carter) who were also part of the group.  It still makes me smile how we knew each other by their twitter handles and then had to tell each other what our actual names were. I originally blogged and tweeted as @Head_stmarys but now only use this for information and messages to students and parents. I’m more of a blogger than a tweeter and twitter often makes my head spin despite following a pathetically small number of people”.