The (Usually Ignored) Drawbacks of Group Work (6 sidor)

Group work


Vem har inte upplevt grupparbete i skolan? Tom Bennett om varför det kan vara mycket bortkastad tid om inte styrt och välplanerat:

”The claims made by advocates of group work are frequently utopian, because in a real classroom many variables work against the success of any group activity. These include:


  1. Disguised inactivity. Their inaction is hidden inside the smog of collaborative effort.
  2. Unequal loading.  participation might be profoundly uneven. Some will contribute at glacial speeds, while others will race and caper through every task and subtask.
  3. Inappropriate socialization. Students may end up competing to see who can discuss the task the least.
  4. Unfair assessment.  Groups, after all, cannot think or learn; that is possible only for individuals.